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Children of divorce

Child and Youth Services 

Some children experience difficulties with attention, learning or social interaction that results in academic  performance lower than their potential. Diagnosing these differences, and implementing appropriate strategies and accommodations is essential for success.  

A gifted child may show advanced intellectual ability and creativity, but be out-of-step with their peers in some areas of development.  Gifted children have needs beyond what regular school classroom programs offer, and benefit from special accommodations and learning opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Parent coaching can help parents understand their children's developmental needs, and enhance their toolbox of parenting skills. Children of divorce face unique challenges and mediation of a parenting plan or co-parenting skills training can help children thrive and not just survive..

Our services to support children and adolescents include: 

  • psychological and educational assessment to diagnose strengths and limitations; establish eligibility for special school services, accommodations, or programs (e.g., IB, gifted); and identify specific strategies that will help a child in school and at home

  • educational workshops and consultation to teachers and parents 

  • parent coaching (e.g., tools, strategies, education, counseling) to support parents of children who have unique needs or are experiencing challenges (e.g., divorce, behavior problems)