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Adult / Family Services


One of the greatest joys as well as challenges for most adults is the gift of  children.  We provide parent coaching to help moms and dads understand their children's stage of development, develop skills, and access resources that will enable them to better meet their children's needs.  We recognize the unique needs of families in transition, and provide mediation and co-parenting skills training to assist parents in developing and implementing a positive, child-centered parenting plan.

Across the life span, all of us experience challenges as we grow from one stage to another, so we provide life and career coaching to help you realize your full potential.  We recognize the unique needs of adults who navigate life with attention or learning differences, or Asperger Syndrome, as well as the challenges of visible cultural difference in realizing success in mainstream society.       

Our services to adults and families include:

  • parent coaching (e.g., tools, strategies, education, counseling) to support parents of children who have unique needs or are experiencing challenges (e.g., divorce, behavior problems)

  • family conflict and divorce mediation, including the development and implementation of child-centered co-parenting plans

  • psychological and cognitive assessment to diagnose attention or learning challenges, and identify strengths and strategies for success in career, relationships, and family life

  • career assessment, planning, and coaching for success  

  • workplace consultation for adults with neurological differences (e.g., Asperger's, ADHD, LD) to implementing strategies that enhance career success and boss / co-worker communication   

  • academic strategy support for young adults with attention or learning challenges attending University or College