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Life presents us with challenges.  Sometimes, we embrace these changes and at other times we feel as if life has tossed us high into the air with no net beneath us.  We are here to accompany you on this journey, with professional skills that provide you with inspiration, hope, a sounding board, challenge, focus, accountability, support and validation.  Many of our clients approach us with a desire to:   

  • develop or deepen relationships; heal after a relationship ends  

  • increase self-confidence and share the thoughts they are holding in

  • clarify their life goals, develop and implement strategies for success   

  • organize their life to reduce stress and increase effectiveness

  • embrace change and find a positive outcome in a life transition

  • discover spirituality and meaning in your their journey 

As a life coach, we will help you overcome the barriers to change, build a positive self-image, and develop skills and implement strategies for success.  Some clients discover there are recurring patterns in their relationships, work experiences, or self-perception and choose to enter into a deeper therapeutic relationship to rework these issues.  Psychologists are trained and skilled to assist people in changing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Therapy is a collaborative relationships between an individual and a psychologist that provides a supportive environment where individuals can talk openly and confidentially about their concerns and feelings.  Life coaching and / or therapy provide a supportive lifeline that enables you to scale the challenges that face you, discover inner strengths, and reach a more satisfying and fulfilling life.