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Co-Parenting following a Divorce


Research shows successful co-parenting can be accomplished when parents can incorporate these factors in their post-divorce relationship:

  • Respecting and appreciating the bond between the children and your former spouse

  •  Remaining objective about the children�s needs during difficult periods of the divorce 

  • Empathizing with the point of view of the child and other parent

  • Shifting emotional expectations for their ex-spouse from the role of mate to that a co-parent

  • Establishing boundaries in their relationship with an ex-spouse

  • Maintaining flexibility, self-esteem, and an openness to help 

Many individuals find it challenging and even difficult to develop a positive  co-parenting relationship with their ex-spouse.                    However, the good news is that there are resources available to help parents in making decisions  about their children�s care and in developing a child-focused parenting arrangement.  Alternate dispute resolution, mediation, parent education, and community support resources can facilitate positive child-centered discussions and decisions.     .

A structured parenting plan can serve as a practical tool to identify how  children�s educational, medical, and emotional needs will be met, establish regular routines for the children, coordinate access and exchange schedules and  extra-curricular activities, and specify communication processes and decision-making.  A parenting coordinator can assist with the implementation of the parenting plan and function as an objective third-party in the resolution of any problems that arise.  

Psychologists can provide parents with insights into the developmental, therapeutic and/or special needs of their children, and assist parents in developing skills that can help their children not just survive but also thrive in coping with a family transition. Psychologists who are skilled in psychological-educational assessment, mediation, and parenting coordination can offer a broad spectrum of helpful co-parenting resources

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