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You are a special and unique individual, with your own goals, values, talents, interests and personality.  As much of your adult life will be invested in the world of work, this investment of your time and energy will be more rewarding if you are able to experience a meaningful career in an enjoyable work environment.

At some point in their career journey, most adults encounter a situation where they recognize they are not realizing full potential, and instead feel frustrated with their career; so busy they are missing out on family and life; overwhelmed by career options;  wondering where to turn to next following a lay-off; re-entering the workplace after dedicating themselves to family concerns; or unfulfilled even though they appear to be a "success.  This realization can be a catalyst for personal growth and the development of a more fulfilling career.

Career coaching can assist you in this journey with tools that include:

  • Assessment of your skills, interests, and accomplishments that provide insight into who you are and where you can succeed

  • Exploring career options and possibilities

  • Planning a road-map to take your career to the next level

  • Practical strategies for identifying potential employers and communicating with confidence 

  • Demonstrating your skills in your workplace and developing interpersonal and conflict-resolutions skills that ensure that your skills and accomplishments are recognized and rewarded   

  • Implementing accommodations and strategies to address attention challenges or learning differences

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