Insight & Growth    

About Dr. Norman Giesbrecht

                                                                                                                   Dr. Noman Giesbrecht is a Registered Psychologist who is director of  Insight & Growth Psychological Services. 

He specializes in providing coaching, assessment, and support services to children, adults, and families with    quirky characteristics (e.g. Asperger or Autistic traits ).

He also provides counselling to couples who have quirky characteristics or neurological differences; and support to quirky adults who experience work problems (e.g., stress leave) or legal / court -related problems arising from their neurological difference.    

Dr. Giesbrecht has also provided professional development and consultation to schools and other organizations (including the Calgary Police) on working effectively with individuals with Asperger's / HFA.

Dr. Giesbrecht develoepd a delivered a successful series of workshops for young adults on the spectrum ("The Practical Guide to Living on the Wrong Planet") and is currently working with a team of quirky adults on the development of an AS-friendly online webinar resource entitled Quirky U.

Insight & Growth's approach involves recognizing and affirming the unique strengths and characteristics of every human being.  The strategies we provide to people with AS are often developed in consultation or collaboration with people connected to the AS community.  

Dr. Giesbrecht has taught more than thirty courses in Child, Adolescent and Adult Development, and Educational Research at the University of Calgary and University of British Columbia.  

His qualifications include a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and an M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology. and post-doctoral work at U.B.C.  He has taught more than thirty courses in Child, Adolescent and Adult Development, and Educational Research at the University of Calgary and U. B.C.  

He received training in Family and Divorce Conflict Mediation with the Legal Education Society of Alberta, and is currently registered as a Parenting Expert (Practice Note 7) with the court. 

Dr. Giesbrecht has engaged in numerous research studies, and the publication of these research results include:  

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