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What we do

We provide support for children, teens, and adults who experience difficulties in social interaction, usually accompanied by challenges with  executive functioning (attention, planning, organizing) and mood (anxiety, depression). These challenges are characteristic of individuals with "quirky" characteristics, which are often diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome (AS) or "high functioning" autism. We understand how gender and other factors impact the expression of these neurological differences.  

We provide information and strategies that build on the strengths of AS, and are focused on the practical goals important to our clients.  The strategies we provide are based on best practices, clinical experience, and collaboration and consultation with individuals with AS. Our focus is on AS strengths such as intelligence, honesty, logical thinking,  sense of justice, and openness to new information.

We also provide consultation and professional development to schools, business organizations, public servants, and parties in the justice system.

Coaching and Therapy for "Quirky" Individuals and Couples

We provide coaching and therapy for children, teens and adults with "quirky" characteristics, such as Asperger Syndrome or "high functioning" autism.

We also provide relationship coaching for couples with a "neurotypical" partner and "aspie" partner. 

Clinical Assessment and ASD Diagnosis

A child assessment or adult ASD assessment can provide identify cognitive strengths, neurological and social differences (e.g., Asperger Syndrome), attention challenges  (e.g., AD/HD), and related mood challenges   (e.g., anxiety, depression).  Along with a diagnostic report, we provide a toolkit of practical strategies and worksheets.  

ASD-friendly Resources
The Practical Guide to Living on the Wrong Planet
You  can download (for free) copies of the readings from our popular workshop series for young adults with AS / HFA.  
Self-advocacy		Friendship		Dating
Employment		Stress management
Thanx to the Neuro-Diverse Empowerment Arrangers (Laura 
Bettcher, Ennien Ashbrook, Adam Glendon) for their contributions.

Psychological services are often reimbursable through extended health plans. 

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